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I am often asked to value originals or to suggest a price for a sale. I do not have enough exposure to the art market to be able to offer a sensible number. Also this market is the best example of the old adage that an item is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it; the price is almost entirely subjective.

For this reason owners and prospective buyers are referred to the two main art auction houses in South Africa;

Strauss & Co

www.straussart.co.za, write to jhb@straussart.co.za
Telephone Johannesburg (011) 728 8246 and Cape Town (021) 683 6560


Stephan Welz and Company

Both auction houses offer free assessments and advice, and both deal frequently with Keith’s work. In addition they keep lists of previous bidders whom they
notify when an item is put up for sale, a big help in establishing the ‘true’ value of a painting.
In London, Bonham’s occasionally offer Keith Alexanders and they are the only UK auction house worth approaching.

Tel: +44 20 7447 7447

Title Date Painted Offered By City Date Price Sold Size
Eduard Bohlen - Low Tide 1916 1984 Stefan Welz & Co Cape Town Mar-16 R340 000 Sold 920 mm x 1220 mm
Sandblasted Wall, Kolmanskop Unclear Stefan Welz & Co Johannesburg Aug-15 R100 000 Did Not Sell 600 mm x 905 mm
Burning Veld 1979 Stefan Welz & Co Johannesburg Nov-15 R30 000 Sold 540 mm x 700 mm
Apocalypse 1989 StraussArt Nov-13 R293 000 Sold 1510 mm x 910 mm
Excelsior 1986 StraussArt Jun-14 R97 000 Sold 280 mm x 350 mm
Bushman's Paradise 1987 StraussArt Nov-15 R284 000 Sold 600 mm x 910 mm
Lone Figure 1975 StraussArt Nov-15 R63 000 Sold 360 mm x 490 mm
The New Arrival 1990 StraussArt Nov-15 R260 000 Sold 1055 mm x 750 mm
Outland 1989 StraussArt Nov-15 R512 000 Sold 1200 mm x 895 mm
The Incident 1991 StraussArt May-16 R102 000 Sold 720 mm x 385 mm
The Old Chassis 1977 StraussArt Nov-12 R100 000 Did Not Sell 595 mm x 900 mm
Fall of Pomona 1990 StraussArt Oct-12 R389 900 Sold 750 mm x 1050 mm
On the Brink 1992 StraussArt May-13 R204 624 Sold 900 mm x 1510 mm

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