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How to Order

Purchasers are requested to email Desertart using info@desertart.co.za , stating the title of the painting and the size you require. We will reply giving banking information and instructions for payment. Essential information in your email is as follows:


Delivery Address

Town, Province/State


Landline number

Mobile/cellphone number

Orders for South African delivery are shipped by post or courier at no charge. All other purchases will be subject to a quote depending on the purchaser’s requirements.

Shipping insurance can be obtained at 2% of value. (We have not needed it to date.)

We will arrange reproduction on receipt of payment. From receipt to dispatch is about 8 working days.

Prices in South African Rand:

Size (mm) Price (South African Rands)
A: Small (same as print) 350 x 450 R1560
B: Double 450 x 650 R2450
C: Quadruple 700 x 1000 R4900
D: Large 1000 x 1400 R6600
E: Maximum 1350 x 1800 R8200

The price is linked to the length of canvas required for the reproduction, so custom sizes will be priced on that basis.

After hours tel: (021) 788 1069 Cell: (082) 908 3456 Email us at: info@desertart.co.za