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Giclées are reproductions on canvas. The giclées are sealed against dirt but should be kept out of direct sunlight

and handled carefully. The biggest giclée is printed on vinyl using weatherproof and fade-resistant inks.

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Size (mm) Price (South African Rands)
A: Small (same as print) 350 x 450 R1560
B: Double 450 x 650 R2450
C: Quadruple 700 x 1000 R4900
D: Large 1000 x 1400 R6600
E: Maximum 1350 x 1800 R8200

Please note the sizes are approximate (to a centimetre or two)

since the original paintings vary in size and dimensions. We are able to reproduce giclées to an exact size requirement (to within 3 millimetres, one dimension
only). If both dimensions are specified that can be done as well, but in that case there will be cropping
involved and the buyer must accept our cropping decision. We are able to reproduce highlights or selections from a painting.

The thumbnail images shown on the website are not always exact in respect of colour and light. Our reproduction experts strive always to match our images
to the original paintings, and there may be differences between the thumbnail example and the finished product. The finished product is the sale item, the
thumbnail is an indication.

A few litho paper prints of Keith’s work remain in stock, but this line is now discontinued. The results on giclée are so superior that from now on we will only
reproduce in that medium.

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